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. what we are learning about the pilot who lost control of that ship. well, there is a lot of fog out there, we may see some mid- 60s but don't get used to it, there is a big change coming up soon. a big announcement about california state prisons today, why the governor is holding two press conferences about it. also a surprising study, the driver is blamed for much of the gridlock and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us this tuesday morning, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve is right there and you've got a really interesting forecast. >> well, it will go from one extreme to the other. temperatures 30s and 40s. today will be sunny and warmer for many unless you are out in the eastern parts of the bay area but high pressure is building and that will bring us sunshine and warmer temperatures especially in the south bay, here is sal. good morning, we have a lot of fog as steve has been mentioning and it is a little bit foggy as you can bear clay see -- barely see some of the roads. not a lot of fog, there is a big accident on the east shore and i have a big accident in just a few minutes let go back to the desk. new details about the close call yesterday on the san francisco bay this morning the
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coast guard will meet with the bar pilot with the oil tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge. live with new information about the bar pilot and about what handed out there, alex? >> good morning, i just spoke with a representative, later today their investigators will be sitting down and conducting an interview with the bar pilot after being involved in this collision and they are still trying to zero in on a collision. this is the ship. the overseas ray march. the 750-foot oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge and ktvu channel 2 news learned that the pilot passed an alcohol test and results of a drug test will be later today. george has eight years of experience and yesterday's accident happened at 11:00 a.m. at a time when there was heavy fog and it cut visibility on the bay for just about a
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quarter of a mile : it struck the western span and caltrans reported no damage to the structure and no oil was spilled as a result of the crash. it just unloaded 350,000 barrels of crude oil and was headed back out to sea. this morning state records are showing some past problems for that pilot involved in the collision and according to a report from the bar pilot's incident review committee, in 2009, the ship he was running ran aground and in that case they found pilot error was involved. in the meantime, you can see this ship will be kept here as
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this investigation unfolds and investigators are trying to figure out if human error was involved in yesterday's collision and part of that investigation will be sitting down with the bar pilot, the man who was at the controls and that will happen during an interview later today. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the oil tanker hit another area back in 2007 and spread oil on 2006 miles of shoreline. it killed thousands of birds. we have a lot more on yesterday's tanker incident including raw video of the news briefing. on look under the hot topic section. a man tried to pick up an
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11-year-old girl who was packing home. it happened on monterey road. a man offered her a ride but when another driver saw what was happening he took off. he was driving a forest green chevy astro van. a similar incident happened about a mile away one year ago. the description of the vehicle and van are similar and anybody with information is asked to call police. they have delayed the sentencing of the father in the sierra lemar case. he is now scheduled to be sentenced in a courtroom in morgan hill. he has been convicted of 17 counts of sex crimes over a ten year period. those crimes involve a four- year-old when this case began. this case is not related to his son antolin garcia-torres who is now in jail accused of killing sierra lemar. the bicyclist accused of killing a man in the castro
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district is back in court. chris beau kerry is facing vehicle man slaughter charges stemming from the accident that happened last spring. they say he ran red light and made no attempt to stop while hitting a man in the crosswalk. he has pled not guilty to the charges. president barack obama has chuck hagel as the new secretary defense -- defense secretary and they are preparing for a confirmation battle. hagel is being criticized by both republicans and democrats and here is more on what chuck hagel is doing to fight back. there is no need to reduce the number of inmates and tara moriarty is at san quentin with how the governor is trying to get out of a federal court
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order. >>reporter: brown said the state has helped to add the problem by adding beds and renovating healthcare facilities. federal judges have given the state until midnight to file the plans for further reducing the prison population instead, state attorneys filed a motion just hours before the deadline saying the requirement for healthcare has been met and the governor will trump that effort. governor brown also wants to get out from under the court order that requires california to spend more than $40 million a year sending inmates to prisons in other states. the population in the state's 33 prisons has been involved since 2011. of course they have been under siege for decades and found the state was holding inmates in unsafe conditions. coming up we will tell you why the governor said it is imperative to see why they pose a threat to public safety.
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live from san quentin prison, tara moriarty. a small group of drivers are making it miserable for the rest of us. who are these drivers, instead they apparently come from a few outlying neighborhoods and travel long distances together in the same direction. the surprises don't end there and we will have more on that study in our next half hour. >> i am interested and i want to know. >> very interesting. 6:08, what are you seeing on the roads right now. well we are seeing a crash and we have 880 westbound in panola valley and the traffic will be backing up into panola. they are making progress in this crash and it was not a serious injury crash but if you are driving from vallejo to richmond, you need to give yourself extra time. let's look at the rest of the east shore, it does not look that bad and when you get to
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the toll plaza, we already have a little bit of a backup at the toll pay gate. let's go to steve. very thick fog for some, inland areas, but it tends to pop up inland areas and sunny and warmer. now fog will be back and changes begin wednesday evening, if not sooner and thursday evening and much colder especially thursday and friday and we are coming out of the north and we will go from upper 40s to lower 50s as we head to the next few hours. and that seems to be out front and center especially over the east bay and pockets continue to move back towards the east bay and foggy and cold and mild, lots of sun, warmer and hazy, starting off with 30s and 37 in livermore and i know the city was 47. novato 47, napa 36, redwood
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city, half-moon bay 40 degrees. you can probably find some 30s and it tends to be a little warm as you get that east wind. every sign is building to the north which will be good today but it will drive in a very cold system starting tonight into thursday. slightly warmer and it will take long to warm up and this will be the warmest day as temperatures will go right off the edge in the next 48 hours. today morning fog and some is very thick but sunshine especially near the coast and santa clara valley but don't get used to it. very low snow levels as we can get enough moisture. cold and for some not too bad on the coast. some areas are in the 50s like antioch and fairfield, redwood city 65 and livermore, some nice but not too warm.
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a little cooler on wednesday but it looks breezy for sunday and monday. it has been two years since the tucson arizona shooting ram paint and the big announcement comes today. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is planning to do something in just a few hours and we will have more on that. and there is more under the don't ask don't tell law. and the big blowout in the bcs championship game, why some fans are using the word dines city. -- dine nasty. dine fast -- dine nasty.
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. welcome back, in just a few minutes former congresswoman gabrielle giffords started talking about gun violence and they are planning to get support to raise money for an antigun violence which comes on the anniversary of the shooting that left former congresswoman gabrielle giffords critically injured. tucson will mark the anniversary by ringing bells. meantime a lawmaker in connecticut is apologizing for a posting on facebook telling former congresswoman gabrielle giffords to stay out of her town. it came days after former
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords visited newtown connecticut where 20 children were killed and they say her comments were incentive. schmidt is and visit with former bill richardson. schmidt has not said why he is making the visit but he has spoken about the importance of internet around the world. richardson said he is there on a humanitarian effort to win the relief of a detained american. as our carla campbell reports, chuck hagel is getting much needed support. >> reporter: there is so much opposition facing him and his organization is fighting back. the pro group is forcing strategical leadership and the
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group says they do not feel the need to defend him at this point but they are counting on the white house to drum up support and it will be tough for them. senate and democrats say they don't believe hagel can protect our country. >> i consider him to be a distincted man with a great record but also pro foundly wrong on some of the biggest security threats today namely nuclear iran... >> reporter: an accurate record shows he has supported tough sanctions against iran and we have somebody speaking out on that next, carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama is expected to make his next white house chief of staff tim
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geithner to raise the debt ceiling and the president also needs to finds a new chief of staff. they approved extra severance pay for dozens of lesbians discharged under the don't ask don't tell bill. the 2. $4 million settlement covers veterans which received only half of their pay. don't tell don't ask was reformed last fall. they will take up two same sex marriage cases and it will come under proposition 8 which is to be heard and keeps them from recognizing those marriages for any purposes including healthcare and taxes. the driver accused of killing two people in the mission district is due back in court this morning. 19-year-old david morales faces
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two counts of murder and several other felony charges in connection with the deadly crash on new year's day. investigators say morales was racing away from police following a shooting when he killed two innocent people. a search for a missing man in skott's valley. he has not been heard from since he left his home friday morning. search teams are going to be looking near the empire grade and quarry road where somebody may have spotted him saturday. his family said he took off with backpack passport and driver's license but no cell phone. the crimson tied rolled over on notre dame and beat them 23-14. now many college fans are calling alabama a dine nasty.
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the fighting irish did not even score until they were 35-0 and that blowout was alabama's third national title in the past four years. and the san francisco gibbets will start off -- giant will start kicking off this afternoon in sacramento. it will feature both 2010 and 2011 trophies and the first bay area start will be monday an exact time and location has not been revealed yet. we have some good news on the crash and all lanes have been opened and there may be some activity on the shoulder. i want to show you a map of the area, the crash was right there and the traffic will be a little bit heavy as you drive through although it's much better. if you drive from vallejo to richmond it will be a little
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extra slow and you might want to leave the house early if you can. if you can get on the road, you do yourself a big favor or you can use highway 4 as an alternate if you are going to contra costa. we are backed up for a 10 minute delay and there is no major problems on the bridge itself. if you are driving on the south bay, steve and i have been talking about the fog and this is downtown san jose, there is a little bit of fog throughout the valley. >> san jose is showing up later and it is in place especially inland areas. lots of 40s elsewhere, and that's going to be sunny and warm for many. i have not said that for a long time with both the rain on the weekend and it may be one of the few rain events. everything points towards very cold air and high pressure is dominating here. but there is rain without any breeze and it allows the fog to form. 30s and 40s, temperatures will
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cool off dramatically. sunny and warmer especially on the bay and coast, it should be really nice in santa clara valley and it is cold with not a lot of moisture coming in. if it does we have some snow levels 1,500 feet and it's colder and windy as we head towards the end of the week. fog sun and warmer today, not too bad on the coast but a mild to warm afternoon. 50s and 60s, napa 62, 62 fremont, 64 san jose and morgan hill, santa cruz in there and we have a little bit of an offshore breeze. here comes that system dropping down, windy highs upper 40s and 50s and the weekend looks okay and it will be breezy though. they have chosen an american airlines executive as
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they have choke end a new executive officer. they have been with american for 23 years and is looking forward to virgin clan particular now that they have -- virgin atlantic now that they have that, they have european operations. managers predict they will spend $267 billion on business travel. that is up more than 4-point 5% since last year. they say the best way to grow a business is to spend time face to face with clients. a shooting in walnut creek, what police say happened moments before the deadly fire. they are searching for blood and they are taking part in an annual blood drive
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new information about why walnut creek police officers have the first deadly shooting in 22 years. anthony was killed in his walnut home on december 7th.
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police say it started as a 911 call from his roommate who claimed he was being attacked. when they arrived, he ignored demands to drop the knife and police fired shots. >> there are a lot of thanks just don't add up right now. the family is shocked in disbelief this could happen. at the same time police are very upset this happened. >> he is expected to be released in the coming months. and information among the fire department has started in sonoma and lake counties. they will compete to see which fire station can get the most blood donations. upcoming blood drives include eldridge fire department on january 15th. petaluma on january 16th and
6:28 am
wins -- windsor fire department on january 19th and sebastian fire department on february 2nd. east shore freeway, we have a crash near san pablo road which has been cleared and it may have affected the traffic on the bay bridge. first i want to show you bay bridge traffic is backed up and some people may be behind schedule and we spoke about the richmond commute where the yellow indicater is and it has been cleared from the lanes but traffic is still slow. we want to say hello to nelson who is in the hospital and he is watching us with nurse joy. >> he is watching us now? >> nelson you are late for work, get in here. it is going to be tough to burn off especially out towards the delta and for many it will
6:29 am
be sunny and warmer and a big change thursday, i will have that in about ten minutes. 6:27, we have new details about an overnight robbery in antioch, what happened to an employee which has police so concerned. and in the san francisco bay, an oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge, what we now know about the bar pilot's past. ♪
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saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. . they are just ringing the opening bell and that is the preservation resource center of the visiting new york stock exchange and certainly they can relate to what happened after hurricane sandy and their organization started after
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hurricane katrina and they are helping the people rebuild so they are learning their services. today looks like a pretty good day and we have all the business news coming up. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is a tuesday, january 8th, i am dave clark. we do have details on the near disaster in the san francisco bay. today this morning they will meet with the bar pilot who sideswiped the bay bridge. here is more information about the pilot and the accident. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 morning news has learned that the results of a drug test could come back later today. he passed an alcohol test yesterday following the collision. i spoke with a representative who confirmed investigators will be sitting down to interview that pilot later this
6:33 am
morning. he was at the controls of this 750-foot oil tanker, the overseas ray more when it struck. george has eight years of experience under his belt. yesterday's accident happened yesterday morning and there was heavy fog which cut visibility to about a quarter of a mile. it struck the area which supports the bay tower on the western span. caltrans reported no structural damage and there was no oil spilled as a result of the accident. the ship had just unloaded 50,000 gallons of crude oil and was headed back to sea when the collision took place. they are showing some past problems for that pilot. in 2009 the ship he was running ran aground and also hit a pie
6:34 am
long while working in stockton. they found pilot error was involved in that second case. as we bring you back out this morning, this is again the overseas ray more and it will remain here until coast guard investigators can get more evidence and they will be speaking with us after a briefing at 8:00. for now on treasure island alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the tower that was hit that costco hit back in 2007, oil from that accident killed more than 6800 birds. caltrans has made several improvements to the bay bridge following that disaster. we have raw video of the coast guard news briefing and that's under our to the top -- hot topics section. the man accused of setting
6:35 am
his girlfriend on fire is in jail. he was arrested at a hotel about 9:00 and was booked on murder and arson charges. he poured gasoline on his girlfriend and set her on fire after they got into an argument outside of a laudromat. the victim star lamar is at st. frances hospital and is being treated for critical injuries. and driveby shooting sent attack co-worker to the hospital. -- a taco worker to the hospital. some of the bullets from an assault rifle came through the truck and hit a teenager in the foot. according to suspects they were shooting at another car trying to get away. nobody else was hurt. now earlier in the day a teenage boy became the first homicide victim of 2013. the teen was shot near hamilton
6:36 am
street at 12:45 yesterday afternoon. he was alone in the car when police arrived and he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on a possible motive. marin count tip will soon be hosting its first gun by back program. coming up, what residents in that community have been doing to make sure that event is a big success. new this morning, the attorney for the only suspect in custody for the deadly attack in libya said his client has been released because of lack of evidence. the suspect had been questioned by the fbi in the presence of a judge last month. reportedly he posted reports on social media shortly after the attack when the consulate began. they fired on afghan troops killing one british shoulder and it happened in the most
6:37 am
violent province in the country. they fired at british and insider troops in afghanistan and it has increased dramatically in reason months. the new board of supervisors will be sworn in. there was a victory party in chinatown last night for one of the newly elected supervisors. he brings asians to a record 5 out of the 11 seats. now the other new supervisor is london breed and her experience growing up in the public housing in san francisco gives her a unique understanding about the city's most poor
6:38 am
residents. and swearing in ceremonies were held also for the new city attorney and four board of education directors. mayor jean quan called them a progressive green city. they have been covering a few things and now there is a problem in oakland. northbound 880, there is a stalled bus and they have been dragging something underneath it. you can see how traffic is slowing down and the alternate route is to get over to 580 and 880 is slow and you can see the fire department and the flashing lights there in the right lane at high street and the traffic is quickly backing up as you can see from our camera and if you are driving any time soon before you leave the house, let me know what route you are going to take and you can find me on twitter as
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well. that is backed up at the toll plaza for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. 6:37 let's go to steve. well it is official and the fog is coming in, i do appreciate it, we have a very good tennis player. fog has come back and dave and martinez, the fog is there temperatures in the 30s and 40s for some closer to the coast and bay, so foggy cold inland and not too bad around the bay and there is a big difference in our temperatures. in the delta that fog can be tougher to burn off and high pressure will be our fair weather friend and it will be worn out. antioch 47 and i did see 40 in pittsburgh though.
6:40 am
look at oakland 43 fso 45 and 47 in the city. now fog forming in novato and santa rosa, napa 36 so we are holding in those temperatures and a big dome of high pressure and here is the 15 day outlook, high pressure to the east of us and it will drop in one system starting in a cold one wednesday night into friday morning. patchy dense fog by the delta and that can be tough to burn off. much colder for everybody as we head towards thursday and this system does not have a lot of moisture. every morning mid-60s and there is definitely cold and wind. the snow level will get down to 1,500 feet by thursday. fog for some, it will be sunny and fast for others, clear lake 64, 56 antioch and pittsburgh,
6:41 am
62 in berkeley and antioch. mid-60s san jose gilroy, santa cruz as well. beautiful on the coast and most of the peninsular as well. turning colder on thursday into friday much colder look at the highs and the weekend looks good, just breezy. today is a spare the air day. that stagnant air is trapping pollution close to the ground. spare the air means it is illegal to burn wood and solid fuels in the fireplace stoves an outdoor fire pits. right now new developments in the search for victims in san joaquin county and what they are doing after getting some new information. we are live in the south bay which has its share of congestion on the road and we will tell you about an interesting new study which shows one small change could
6:42 am
have a huge impact on bay area roads. good morning, westbound 237, we are seeing some slow traffic and we will tell you about the morning commute and all the travel spots.
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. there is some thick fog north and east and that temperature is 50s to mid-60s. good morning, here is a look at some of the top stories and this morning the coast guard will meet with the bar pilot of the oil tanker which sideswiped the bay bridge. the bridge's western span was headed out to see however no oil spilled and a barrier protected the bridge. the man accused of powering gasoline on his girlfriend and setting her on fire has been arrested. he was found in a motel in oakland and was taken into custody without incident. the victim is in the hospital with critical injuries. governor jerry brown will hold two news conferences, one in san francisco, the other in los angeles and he is pushing his message. the governor wants to get out
6:46 am
of a court order to send inmates to prisoners to other states. it is costing $44 million a year. the fbi is excavating a second well in san joaquin counties to find two victims of the serial killers. he told investigators that he and his friend buried their victims during a killing spree in the '80s and '90s and bones were found during the first excavation. a hearing will determine if his case heads to trial. it was an emotional day in court as victim's families sat through testimony by police officers who tried to save lives. officers broke down in tears as they rolled the horrific scenes when 12 people were killed and 20 others were injured.
6:47 am
the hearing is expected to last until friday and coming up, we will go live to aurora colorado at 7:15 for a closer look at today's hearing. police in antioch are investigating an overnight robbery. ktvu channel 2 morning news' brian flores is live at a shell station to tell us what police are searching for and how one of the employees was hurt. >> we have a few details with this attempted robbery and the clerk was hurt but he refused medical attention but the store remains only this morning. from what we know, police responded to a robbery attempt here at 2:30 and this was video which was shot after. we just got done talking with the clerk, the victim says he was beat up and four men came in and tried stealing cases of beer. the thieves started beating him
6:48 am
up, kicking him in the head and one person even used a glass bottle to hit the clerk on the head. they were able to take off with the beer and the clerk has spent the morning cleaning up this mess as well. apparently no cash, no other things were taken out of the store and antioch police were here taking the information down. we don't have a description but the clerk said there was four men, basically latino or caucasian. the clerk did not want to speak on camera but he said he just started this job just about a week ago and police are looking for four suspects in this attempted robbery. we will have more coming up but for now, from antioch, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time now a week from today, marin county will hold its first buy back and the donations are pouring in. donations are raised counting
6:49 am
from people in the community. organizers plan to offer $200 for semi automatic weapons. you can redeem that for cash at a later date. it is a groundbreaking study on gridlock and it claims a small group of drivers are making it miserable for the rest of us. here to tell us who these drivers are, jeanine? we are here on 101 which is close to the 880 interchange and it's known to clog up. for the first time, people used gps devices to collect data to find out what would help ease congestion. researchers from berkeley and mi. the tracked more than 3,000 bay area drivers and found 1% of
6:50 am
drivers -- if 1% of drivers would cancel their trip, 1.8 minutes would be saved per hour. drivers clocking up the roads come from a few outlying neighborhoods. congestion happens once a road's capacity is increased which is why one small change would make a big impact. >> i grew up in europe and if you are into spending a huge amount of money on infrastructure, you can get a great expressway which is not so much used and it does flow well. >> reporter: researchers say the study's findings are significant and can be helpful for transportation officials and including caltrans and others are studying the results of the survey to see if they can install metering lights to help space out traffic so people can commute more easily. reporting live from san jose,
6:51 am
janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, jeanine, thank you. let's check in with sal and let you moving this morning. this fog out there? >> yes, there are many cameras we can't show you including the san jose downtown camera, now the fog has covered it up and it is pretty foggy out there. 880 northbound, there was a bus they thought was on fire but it ended up having some sort of mechanical problem and it is causing some delays on 880 and one lane is blocked on high street. 880 northbound is very, very slow pretty soon it will be backed up and in san leandro, i suggest 580 westbound. i want to show you the backup and it's backed up for a 15 minute delay. we already have a little bit of slow traffic on 101 and 280,
6:52 am
let's go to steve. we do have mostly clear skies closer to the coast near half-moon bay and 15 degrees, all right there and my buddy in the camden area, serious fog. around the bay area and coast it looks really nice with the offshore breeze and we begin a change and a bigger change on thursday and friday. much colder and then we will have some rain and that may be the only rain we see for a while. there is no serious rain but the fog has really developed and we need a breeze to scour that out. that may happen thursday and friday and we are going from 30s to the 40s. no report from venetia which is close as well. san jose with fog, 43 fso
6:53 am
novato 46 and brian up in roaner park said it's really bad. look at the high pressure, that is a sign of things to come for today but it will drop a system right on top of us. if you are in that fog it will be tough to get out of the 50s but thursday all eyes are to the north with a cold did i windy pattern and we could get snow around 1,500 feet. you will notice a dramatic change, very mild and warm and clear lake 64, napa 63 richmond 64. a little cooler out towards pittsburgh antioch and livermore and martinez, mid-60s towards santa clara valley and cupertino, beautiful half-moon bay, other than that, it will be about the same and the
6:54 am
changes begin, colder and windy on friday. one couple's wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon didn't go exactly as planned. >> i am thinking how is he going to land here because there is no place to land. >> what happened minutes after the couple said their vows. and how san francisco is preparing for the rush of fans of both of those teams. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, the dow jones industrial average is down about 40 points right now the nasdaq and s&p 500 are dipping and there are some upset about the upcoming earning season. married life got off to a rough start, their balloon was cut short and the balloon pilot had to crash land into somebody's backyard. 14 people were in the balloon and the couple had just said their vows. one person was treated for back pain and the rest of the party kept ongoing to the reception. the oracle team gets a new wink to -- wing to repair their boat. it was built in new zealand and
6:58 am
it's on a ship headed for oakland expected to dock this morning. the boat is expected to sale again early next month. san francisco is gearing up for the nfc play-off games. the building is decked out in fairy red and they are online for thousands of dollars each. backpackers are expected to show up in droves and we have learned fisherman's wharf is booked for a pre-game party for the chief heads. don't forget, you can watch here on ktvu and that show is at 4:00 on saturday and kickoff is set for just after 5:00 and stay tuned for the point after post game show right here. >> let's quickly check in with sal. you are watching oakland and everything else? >> yes, 880 oakland a bus stalled out in the right lane
6:59 am
and they had some difficulties and traffic is a mess. also on 2, southbound traffic is becoming slow on 101. let's go to steve. fog not so much by the coast and bay and that fog and temperatures in the 40s and 50s and it will be sunny and warmer for many but don't get used to it because there is a dramatic change in our weather starting thursday. but for today, 50s and 60s. we have a close call on the san francisco bay, what ktvu channel 2 morning news learned about the tanker that clipped a bay area bridge. we will tell you what the robbers got away with, stay right here with us.

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